Client Review on CBD Products

"I cannot say enough about these products! In the short time that I have been taking it I have seen many improvements. I am type 2 diabetic. I couldn’t get my blood sugar down for anything.

My doctors just prescribed more meds. On my last doctors visit which was a few days ago my A1c has gone down to 8 which was big for me! I know that it will go down even more, the more that I take this oil and my body will continue to improve with no inflammation. I have honestly tried everything! At the store, online, everything. Nothing has worked except these products.

The nerve in my shoulder was pinched and I was in excruciating pain and down my arm for two months. Couldn’t sleep. My doc referred me to physical therapy. I did not have to go! Pain gone.

A little balm and pain gone!

I am 64 years old and these aches and pains are to be expected. But finally there is real help and relief without needing to take ibuprofen. I will never let myself run out. Inflammation is taken away quickly and I can move better. Do more around my house and yard. I can go back to the gym and work my arms. I can’t say enough about it. Everyone should at least try it.. you won’t regret it I promise you!"

Client Review on CBD Products

"I had been dealing with severe knee pain for several months due to there being literally no cartilage left in my right knee. The bone-on-bone situation caused extreme swelling and pain anytime I would spend an hour or more on my feet.

This condition also took away one of the things I love most, the gym. As a nutritionist and a personal trainer, I looked forward to my daily routine of cardio, resistance training, and sauna time. If I did pay a visit to my favorite place, I would spend several of the following days in pain.

It also made sleeping very difficult. I am a big guy and just the weight of my leg would cause stress on the joint no matter what position I laid in. This saw me getting 3 hours or less of sleep each night.

Then I tried Mountaineer Brand RX’s CBD and everything changed. I had long been a customer of Mountaineer Brand’s all-natural beard products so when they launched their CBD products, I immediately got my hands on some. By using both the topical balm and the sublingual drops, I was able to return to the gym the next day with no pain at all. I have continued the use of their amazing products right though having knee replacement surgery." - John Kovaleski