About Mountaineer Brand RX

Mountaineer Brand RX Family

Mission statement:

To provide the best CBD products available at an affordable price. To always put customer service first and foremost. To educate everyone about the benefits that CBD can have on their daily lives.

About Us:

Mountaineer Brand RX was founded in 2018 by Eric Young and Tenise Baskett. All Mountaineer Brand RX products are carefully made only from the highest quality, all natural, and organic raw materials in its own manufacturing facility in West Virginia. All CBD is US-sourced and third party tested for safety and quality, and all manufacturing processes are strictly controlled.

Eric’s Story

Eric’s Story:

In 2013, Eric founded our parent company, Mountaineer Brand. Starting out in his kitchen as a company offering just a handful of really great beard products, Mountaineer Brand has grown into a leader in the beard and body care industry. In 2009, Eric lost his wife of 16 years to breast cancer. Being health conscious for most of his life, Eric was inspired to look for all natural alternatives for his family. As an avid body builder, Eric benefits from CBD in numerous ways, including easing the normal aches and pains that go along with the sport.

Tenise’s Story

Tenise’s Story:

After years of being plagued with anxiety, sleep disorders, and migraines, Tenise was prescribed traditional medication by her doctor. She became dependent upon this medication which, if not taken as prescribed, resulted in debilitating withdraw symptoms. As a mother of 4 children, Tenise was desperate to find an all-natural alternative. Using CBD brought incredible the benefits, both physically and mentally. “Life became fun again,” she says.