Organic CBD vs. Non-Organic CBD: What You Need to Know

Organic CBD vs. Non-Organic CBD: What You Need to Know

Eric Young

It's no secret that CBD oil has many health benefits. 

In recent years, more research has developed regarding the best use cases for CBD oil and how it can treat anxiety, pain, and even more severe illnesses. CBD oil can come in many forms as well. From topical treatments like balms to air treatments through diffusers, CBD oil is versatile. 

However, though CBD oil is seen as a fantastic natural remedy, not all CBD oils are formed equally. There is a staunch difference between organic CBD oil and non-organic CBD oil. Buying the right CBD product can be essential to your well being. 

Here are the reasons why organic CBD products should be your first choice: 

For Starters, Organic CBD Has Stricter Farming Regulations

CBD-grade hemp has only recently claimed the USDA Organic label on its products. The 2018 Farm Bill granted CBD-hemp products the opportunity to be grown alongside the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program. With this governmental backing, it allows for better growing conditions for CBD-grade products. 

When CBD is processed organically, it cuts out the middle-man or possible pesticides and chemicals that can affect the end product. For example, when CBD is not processed naturally, there have to be additives to allow for safe human consumption. 

However, when CBD is organic, by nature, it is already natural and safe for human consumption. This natural process allows for the absence of harmful chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers. 

Additionally, CBD farmers have to adhere to stricter guidelines to obtain the USDA organic label. This means that the CBD production is scrutinized for the best quality and that they legally have followed instructions to advertise as organic. 

Stricter farming regulations means that every part of the farming process adheres to the USDA requirements. 

Natural Seeds and Starters 

With non-organic CBD products, the seeds and starters used can be full of genetically modified organisms (GMO). 

These GMOs can be hazardous to the crops themselves, as GMOs are used to grow bigger crops unnaturally with attempted optimization. However, with this unnatural growth, it can be full of harmful chemicals that should not be consumed. 

With organic CBD production, the seeds and starters are completely natural. These allow for a literal organic growth period and make sure that only the best quality plants are being grown. This prohibits the use of chemical coatings before being planted, unlike non-organic CBD crops.

Soil Protection Against Added Chemicals 

Soil protections are found within the regulations of stricter farming. 

The most significant difference between organic CBD products and non-organic CBD can be analyzed through soil production. As previously mentioned, organic CBD products' soil is protected from chemical pesticides.

In non-organic CBD crops, chemical pesticides kill everything in the soil beside the plant itself. These pesticides are sprayed on the crops and can lead to the soil losing vital nutrients. Farmers, in turn, spray chemical fertilizers on the crops to make up for the lack of nutrient-rich soil. 

On the flip side, organic CBD farmers focus on quality fields. This includes environmentally-friendly soil that is high in nutrients.  To get a naturally dense soil, farmers will use methods such as cover crops and animal fertilizers. 

Natural Methods to Get Rid of Pests

A side-effect of synthetic pesticides in the soil is the presence of superbugs. These bugs, known as microbes, can become immune to synthetic chemicals. 

When these chemical pesticides are sprayed, the bugs can become more robust and build up a tolerance. Eventually, the pests become so strong that no spray can kill them. These microbes can affect the growth and quality of the crops they take over.

In organic farming, instead of using a chemical spray to get rid of pests, farmers use various prevention methods. These include the use of organic and USDA-approved pesticides.

Organic CBD Production is More Environmentally Responsible

With all farming, there is an element of waste products that can affect the world around us. When non-organic CBD farms spray pesticides and other unnatural chemicals, those chemicals can end up in our oceans. 

However, with organic CBD production, natural pesticides/fertilizers do not have the same effect on our oceans. With natural chemicals, it is way safer to use and won't cause significant damage to our oceans and marine life. 

Why Organic CBD Matters

Organic CBD products can be beneficial to many people. Their use has become more popular and widely accepted throughout the years. As a consumer, it is important to know what is going into your body. With non-organic CBD products, there can be a guessing game as to where the CBD was farmed and how it was harvested. 

With organic CBD, the consumer is able to have better peace of mind due to the fact that the farmer was under strict guidelines and better crop conditions. The consumer is also aware that the CBD is naturally optimized and can be stronger from it. 

Whether you are a well-seasoned CBD user or are exploring options, organic CBD products are the best way to ensure you are getting a quality product with your money. When researching what CBD products are the best for your use, it is important to learn the production behind each and every product. 

Organic CBD products are produced more responsibly, and in turn, allow for a better world around us. Organic production removes the unnecessary waste and chemical uses that can taint a natural product. 

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